Happy birthday party to Brendan

Brendan’s birthday party was last night.

It went pretty good. I have to say I was disappointed at the turnout though. Bummer. I don’t know what’s up with my family but not one of them came. 🙁
The weather was freaky- high of 92 around 3ish. Party started at 5:00 with the weather about 80ish- gorgeous but a bit windy. By 6:30 we were all freezing in the intense wind- it had fallen below 70!!! So we had to haul everything indoors.
Brendan’s racetrack cake turned out great! It was easy to make too! He really liked it and we kept catching him going up to it and getting a handful! LOL.

As predicted from Mia’s party, he freaked as everyone sang to him- just like last year. I really hope by next year he’ll like that part better. The food was good- the big hit was little cocktail sausages kept hot on a griddle and the kids loved going up and poking them with mini pretzel sticks.
The simple activities we did were a big hit! We had a $14 bubble blower that worked great!!! We also had a bubble set with a large shallow dish that 2 different giant wands fit into- one with lots of small bubbles and one that was one giant bubble. The kids would twirl around with them and the bubbles would fly out! Plus we had some very long “rocket” balloons that had neat stripey colors on them. After you blow one up, you pinch the end and let it go- it goes screaming through the air and does neat acrobatics. They loved the hand-clappers and twirly helicopters too. Perfect simple fun for two year olds.
Brendan got some really nice presents- a bubble lawn mower, 3 dvds, 3 outfits, 2 gift cards, some Bob the Builder shoes, a mini school bus and track that the bus moves along, a neat gizmo that lights up & twirls neon colors. He was in an odd mood during present time though and I have to admit it wasn’t fun to deal with- especially with an audience. He wanted to play with his cars and had a lot of trouble moving on to other presents. He did wow over them once opened however.
For future use: Staying home and having this type of party did not cost less! We spent $120 on groceries, probably $50 on utensils and decorations plus probably $25 on activities and the bubble blower. We could have gone to Chuck E. Cheese’s and bought every guest their own pizza, plus saved the trouble and the energy.
Bottom line: I am glad it is over. Sad, but true. It was exhausting to prepare for and I think Brendan would have been just as happy with a few kids over to play the games without all the fuss.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday party to Brendan

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Brendan! I can’t believe that you are two. I have followed your mom’s story since early conception, and love when there are new updates. I hope that there are some pictures coming of your great party. We would all love to see them.
    Again, Happy Birthday.
    Take Care,

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