Delving into the bathroom calendar

I looked back on my bathroom calendar, where I record AF’s visits. Back in December I got AF on the 23rd. Since then it has slowly slipped back to where last month I got her on the 19th. My cycles have been a pretty regular 30 days so everytime we have a 31 day month I slip back a day or so. I can’t believe I am so regular- I didn’t realize it! I have never been regular before! My PCOS must be improving because I think I may actually be ovulating. Probably the gluchophage’s doing.
Anyway- where this is leading- I am guessing I’ll get AF in October on day 14, 15 or 16. So I’ll have 2 weeks before that to go see the RE and be ready with a fistful of Clomid for CD 3-7- perhaps on October 18th. That’ll leave my first IUI for maybe October 30-31. A Halloween conception??? Heh. Don’t want to think of the implications of that one. LOL. I was pretty sure it’d be November before the actual IUI but I may just get a late October one. YAY!
Looks like I’ll be in “Clomid H*ll” for my birthday on Oct 25th. And if I conceive, I’ll be due smack in the middle of a very hot summer. But you know what? I DON’T CARE!!! 😉 But if anyone wants to pray that I get twins with at least 1 girl, I’d be honored. Quick- say it now- it’ll jinx things if you pray for it later!!!
In other matters- Brendan is going through very bad sleeping issues. He had 10 days of sleeping with Mommy and Daddy at Darrell’s parents’ house and he *will not* adjust back to his own bed. I just can’t stand to go through many nights of 3 hours straight screaming that doesn’t work in the end anyway. And I think he has developed a fear of the air conditioner. Really. We weren’t using it because we had such nice weather. We just recently turned it on at night. He screams even louder every time it comes on. It’s very strange. I just don’t know what to do. 🙁