I’m here. Really I am.

The past couple weeks have been rough and not too memorable. Brendan *finally* slept a couple nights in his bed the normal, no fuss way- just in time for us to go back up to DH’s parents’ house for a weekend party and mess it up again. I cringed big time as I closed Brendan’s door last night, waiting for the howling to begin. It didn’t. I couldn’t believe it. He DID wake up at 5 am though, stayed up til 9 and then slept til 1. He does this once in awhile. I am calling it his nap unless he suddenly falls asleep on the floor somewhere, cars clutched in fists.
Our roomies are on and off again considering moving. Please let it happen and happen soon. I just want to get past this and move on. I don’t care if I have to resort to a Ramen noodle diet to afford it.
Brendan has made a jump into understanding and being more understanding and helpful. He sometimes answeres questions now. He’ll also hold his legs up when you change his diaper. And often will go in the house when you say it is time instead of running the other direction. He throws things away. He sits in regular chairs at restaurants and when food is in front of him he stays there. Life is suddenly easier concerning him- less of a fight. I hope this lasts. It’s a breath of fresh air. He sometimes plays so well independently that I have to stop my activities and purposely go and interact with him.
I am into Phase 2 of the South Beach diet. I lost 8 1/2 pounds up to 2 days before going away to the party. I gained 1 1/2 pounds while up there. Even though I stuck to what I was supposed to eat, I still ate too much. I am pleased that I didn’t sucumb to cookies and brownies- just 2 bites of cake. YAY! I pushed the proverbial plate away- and by golly, that plate was hard to push!!! I am now allowed a fruit and a whole grain product a day. Whole Grain pancake with blueberries and sugar free syrup- here I come!! 😉
We finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audio tape on the way home. I was so sad to have it end and am very anxious for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to come out in June. Even if I have to read it out loud. I am really curious how Harry is going to get Snape to let him into his advanced potions class.