Sleepy Saying

Bren woke up a bit early this morning so we popped him in bed between us. We all went back to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed Darrell also opening his eyes and waking up. After a bit, I whispered something to him. Brendan, with his eyes still shut, said, “Shhh! Be quiet Mama!” I had a fit of giggles.
We went to a coworker of Darrell’s 5 year old daughter Kendall’s birthday party yesterday. They had a huge toddler paradise of a backyard. Brendan had a great time, especially swinging side by side with shy little Nicole. It was like being at a Country Resort- truly beautiful in a comfy, old-timey way.
Going to ride the train and feed the ducks at Brackenridge Park today. I am really looking forward to it.