Level up in math skills

I started counting my fingers with Bren today and he said, “One, teeew, free, four, five.” He stopped there so I repeated “five” and he continued on with “six”. I said “seven”. Then, he said “eight, nine” and I finished with “ten”.
All in all, he only missed 7 and 10!!! You go Bren! I guess Sesame Street has been helping! 😀

4 thoughts on “Level up in math skills

  1. I can’t believe how much our babies are growing up! I have followed your journals since you were preggo with Brendan, and he is only one day older than my son Michael!

  2. I feel like I “know” you! I remember when I read about you painting M&Ms on his nursery walls! LOL

  3. If #2 is a girl, I’m thinking of painting a zillion butterflies on the wall. Or maybe Care Bears.

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