Boy talk

Last night, my jaw dropped in amazement as Brendan started spurting forth the alphabet. Today, I was able to pay attention to the actual letters. He says, “Q R S T U R…Y…Z!!!” Why he starts in the middle, I have no idea! He continues to practice his numbers as well, consistantly missing seven and ten.
Also from today:
“Where did colors go?”
[Opens crayon box]
“There the colors are!”
I think he needs a specialist. He not only talks to himself, but he answers himself as well. LOL
We have an embarrassing amount of very tall sunflowers growing in our easement. The birds that live in the trees above moust have dropped sunflower seeds and started the plants. I cut some yesterday and put them on the table. Brendan really appreciated them. I don’t know where he picked up “flowers” but his pronunciation is cute- “FLAASH”.

One thought on “Boy talk

  1. Ok, I finally miss talking to you so bad that I’m leaving a message on here…
    JOSHUA COLEMAN IS HERE!!! He arrived on April 4th, after an emergency c-section and almost losing him. He spent some time in the NICU, but he’s fine now.
    I would give anything if you could see his room-it’s adorable, and it’s thanks in most part to you.
    We miss you guys, and wish like crazy we could get together again.
    Take care, and hug Bren for me!

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