My boy and his techno needs

Yesterday when I brought up the Starfall ABC page I left to go get a drink and Bren climbed into the pilot’s seat. He started using the mouse (he knows how to put the cursor over something from his Reader Rabbit game) so I sat down and showed him how to click. HE GOT IT! He completely understands how to use a mouse now but he has execution problems. The mouse we have is extra large becaue DH gets sore hands on smaller mice. That makes it difficult for Bren though. By the time Bren moves to an object and goes to click the button, he has accidently moved off the object. He often accidently right-clicks too.
So I ebayed and won him a little Winnie the Pooh kid’s mouse that clicks when you squeeze any part of the top of it. I am hoping it doesn’t have a right button. I am going to set it up so that both mice are on the computer at the same time. I also made the arrow cursor larger and slowed the cursor function down (both done in control panel).
My son… he is JUST like his daddy. 😀