Happy July 4th

Happy 4th of July! It’s great to be home again. I’ll post some pics and such about our trip when I get an opportunity. Right now I am taking a break from preparing for a large fajita supper for us and a few guests. We made 3 different salsas- my pico de gallo style from the garden salsa, a feta avocado salsa and Waynell made a black olive salsa. I can’t wait to try them! Then we are going to make a huge ice cream filled brownie volcano that’s goping to ooze caramel & chocolate shell toppings and be topped with a festive sparkler. I cheated- got the idea from Rainforest Cafe. LOL.
I am looking forward to a nice fireworks show tonight- Brendan gets so excited! 😀 Always a winner with me.
Brendan now says a very cute “Sure!” Gotta love that! He also randomly screams just because he can. Definitely don’t love that.
Also- today marks the 3 month countdown to our October 4th RE appointment!!! WooHooo! The year wait is 75% over! We talk about it all the time now and it has been so hard keeping my mouth shut about it when hanging around my MIL. It’s a secret. Giggle.