A rx I thought I’d never get

Before I say anything further- a word of caution. Don’t do the sparkler (okay, three) in the volcano thingy. Just don’t, okay?! [Mumble, mummble… burnt table… mumble…horrible smoke… mumble, moan… tasted like crap… mumble… rotten egg smell…]
But I’ll share the picture

And here’s Brendan watching the first fireworks, lol

Well, guess where I am gonna be during the first week in August? A yummy beach vacation in Port Aransas!!! Guess when AF is due? You guessed it. However, I am delaying “her” with birth control pills. Haha, no, really. Less than 3 months til ttc and I am on the pill. I get to choose when to allow AF back. Too cool. This will help get the nasty witch into a timeframe where she won’t bother me on my OB/RE October 4th day. Even better- they were free, courtesy of my OB’s nurse!
Brendan asked me this today- “Checka bee-ar? Please? Checka bee-ar?” Took me forever and a “show me” to figure out he wanted to take a bath. LOL. He knows 2 tons of animals and their sounds now. He eats fried okra- yay, a veggie!! He is ready to go up to “3T-4T” disposable trainers. His butt finally grew into 3T shorts and caught up with the rest of him.
Planted both pink and white Vincas in our front flower bed two days ago. Gasp! We finally planted something in it after all that hard work!! Looks pretty good. So far they are holding up to the heat. Guess I need to take a picture.
Someone stop me from buying every little pink onesie and dress I see.
And last but not least- a big congrats to my DH who bought new jeans this weekend in a smaller size!!! Ruff, ruff, ruff! You go dude! 😀

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