Bren now says, “My goodness, Mama!” This cracks me up. It must be from a video because we just don’t say goodness very often.
We had a nice rainstorm yesterday. Brendan was dancing in it so happily. I was so surprised to see him tilt his chin up and eat the rain. He looked so grown up doing it. Apparently Darrell taught him that the last time it rained. Both Bren and I adore it when a storm is coming. We race outside to watch it come in. I so cannot wait for cooler weather so we can go outside more often together. The high is 100 for the next 3 days. Sigh.
Bren can now play the Fisher Price Toddler game on his own. It’s not as captivating as Reader Rabbit Toddler but a little more complex. Variety is great. He likes it a lot.
He can also do pretty well on the Crayola 3-D game wheere he colors the pictures. He doesn’t quite understand the changes from, say, the fill function to the crayon function or the texture buttons but he can play it and a little challenge is good! He’ll understand with practice.
We tried a Blue’s Clue’s game about creating stories for a newspaper. While he can navigate the game pretty well, the games in it were too complicated. He’ll do great in 3-6 months with it.
Brendan can also identify and draw a crude circle. 😀
In other news, just waiting for AF to show. I finished the birth control up a couple days ago. 1 month and 24 days til the RE appt! We just turned the papers in to upgrade our insurance to the premium plan. Infertility is still covered 50% with the exception of anything to do with IUIs, IVFs, or surrogacy. So my dr appointment and perhaps the ultrasounds will be half off. I still think the Clomid will be just the drug copayment. In a perfect world, I’ll get pregnant within 2 IUIs and deliver before the next insurance year starts up. Then I can change back to the less expensive but still pretty good insurance without c-section, hospital stay and NICU fears. And have 3 tries left for a 3rd baby. Yeah, I have high hopes. LOL.