New baby toys

I meandered over to Fisher-Price’s website today to see about getting a replacement seatcover and tray insert for Brendan’s highchair so I won’t have to buy a whole new set for the new baby. I ended up with a great print and a new tray for less than $20. And get this- it doesn’t have ruffles (if you don’t know, I cut the ruffles off of Bren’s seat in a fit of disgust. They were always dirty.)!!!

And this I have GOT to have, whether it be a whole new carseat or the pretty pink parts as replacements (costs about the same grrr):

It’s just adorable!!! It’s brand new so perhaps in 6 months or so there will be some on Ebay. I only need the seatcover, the head cushion and the sunshade.

2 thoughts on “New baby toys

  1. That car seat is gorgeous! I have to have it! I’m not having my girl for another two+ years though. Have you seen the pink one at Target yet? Its by Graco too. Its really cute too!

  2. I saw a pink one at BRU but I prefer this one. When I was pregnant with Bren, girly carseats were nonexistant!!

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