Midwife or Obstetrician

I need some help deciding how to proceed when I get pregnant. I have found out that my insurance will cover a midwife’s services only if she’s associated with an obstetrician. There is one group of midwives like that here in San Antonio. They deliver you in a hospital, and not the hospital I am used to. If a problem arises, you get turned over to their OB, whom you don’t know.
I really don’t want this. If I have to deliver in a hospital, I want the OB I know and trust and the hospital I came to know from Bren’s birth. But I really don’t want this either.
What I really want is a home waterbirth with a midwife. The idea has captivated me since I first heard it. It has become a dream for me! A dream that is not covered by my very expensive insurance. There are several midwives that do home waterbirths in the area. From website information, complete care and delivery would cost me up to $2500. I am not sure if my insurance would cover any of it. That’s a lot of money when compared to what my OB would charge me- exactly 1 doctor visit copay. Might as well be free.
My insides are warring- a heckuva lot of money or free? A home waterbirth or an unknown birth in a hospital? I just don’t know.