Winnie uh Pooh

Brendan was asleep when we went running errands today. When he woke up in his carseat, I handed him a Winnie the Pooh sing along DVD I had gotten for him at the library. He immediately started singing…
“Winnie uh Pooh,
Winnie uh Pooh,
Winnie an Tigger,
Winnie an Roo,
Winnie an Pig-it…”
It was adorable! 😀
We went to the movies today and saw “Robots”- a Disney/Pixar film. It was really funny but well above Brendan’s head. He was really good though and watched it all. He even continued to be good throughout an HEB trip. Can’t complain about today!!
BTW, I fit into my really skinny jeans today- yipeee! Still at about 25-26 pounds though. I gained 4 pounds over the beach trip and just lost it back. Mini goals are 3 1/2 more pounds by Sept 5th Schlitterbahn trip and 9 pounds total by RE appt on Oct 4th. That’ll make me roughly 25 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with Brendan and 35 pounds lost since I began this diet. I am this close -><- to being the skinniest that I have been since starting college.