Warning: crappy mood vent

I have no patience, the house is a mess, Brendan is a whiney-butt, I have a headache and need more sleep… the laundry has piled up, my plants are dying from this extreme heat, we keep having car issues… UGH! I need a night out! I need a week off! I need to do something interesting instead of sit on my butt at home all day. But to do that a person needs MONEY!! Cryyyyy.
Winnie the Pooh Live is coming to town but it’d cost us $45 for the cheap seats! 👿 Bren is such a Pooh fanatic that I may just break my CC-free living policy… we need entertainment!!!!
We started going to our library’s storytime and crafts for little kids on Wednesdays. Bren would NOT go sit on the floor to hear the story and he burst into tears when we cut a cup in half to do a craft. 😥 He did enjoy a bit of painting though. And then we find out that they are probably phasing out the evening storytime session because the lady is going to have a baby. WAAAHHH!!! We had a nice McDonald’s supper afterwards (you know you are going plum-nutso when McDonald’s is your idea of NICE) where he ran around with a few little boys in the playground. It was just too hot to stay long though. DH & I promised each other we’d go more often and let him play once it got a bit cooler.
Sure wish we could take him to a Little Gym or Gymboree. I wonder how much it costs now. Probably $15 a class. One of the Gymborees has a 11:00 on Satudays class for his age too.

2 thoughts on “Warning: crappy mood vent

  1. Hey! I’m not sure where you live in Tx, but there is an Intl. club call the Mom’s Club. There are chapters all over the place and if you live near a big city or in a larger burb area then you should have a chapter there. I can email you the link to the main site so you can look for your area if you are interested. I joined when Jacob was 4 months old and its the BEST thing I’ve done. They have activities all month long that are usually free or v. cheap. Just thought I’d share that with you. :o)

  2. I feel your pain!! I often feel like I’m holed up at home with the little one going crazy! The insane heat doesn’t help. Also, I think I have 4 or 5 baskets of clean laundry to put away and no time!!!

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