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DH and I went to an oriental market a few days ago to find some candy that he could pass out at a “see what clubs our university offers” event. He sponsors the Japanese Anime club. While we were there I bought a couple of Indian food spice pouches that looked interesting. They are not dried spices, but fresh spices made into a thick paste and sealed in plastic.
Tonight I am making tandoori chicken over rice. The pouch says to mix the spices with 1/2 c yogurt and use as a marinade for chicken for kabobs.
Well, I didn’t have any raw chicken- only great quality precooked chicken breasts. So I cubed the cooked chicken and I plan on making a platter of rice with the cubed chicken on top and then topping it all with the sauce. I am using double the yogurt since I don’t want a really powerful marinade- just a creamy sauce. I just dipped my finger in it and IT IS SOOO GOOOD!
I love it when you get a yummy bold food that’s bursting with flavor that’s still low in calories & fat. 1 cup rice with 1 large chicken breast= 360 calories and 1/4 the sauce mixture is less than 40 calories.
Anyway, here is what my packet looks like:

Their website is
I have the Satay spice packet for another night. I am looking forward to also trying Kraft’s “Latin Slaw” & “Foil Pack Chicken & Artichokes” sometime in the future as well. Looking for neat recipes always cheers me up. 😉
Edited to add: It was fantastic!!!! 😀

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