The great poo poo mystery

TMI throughout this post!!
The scene:
I am in the kitchen. Bren is sitting on my bed watching Pooh Sing Along Songs. I hear the unmistakable sound of the toilet lid falling. I go running in and find Brendan in front of the toilet. There is poop on his hand (but it is not wet) and in the toilet. He is diaper less. After searching for his diaper I discover it on the bed- absolutely clean and fresh smelling. I find no traces of poop anywhere else.
So- did he poop somewhere and grab it and then put it in the toilet? Remember, there was no evidence of poop anywhere else (and it was a sticky poop- it took 3 wipes to clean his butt)
Or- did he climb up onto the seat and poop like a big boy- and play with it as it emerged or maybe try to clean it off himself? Remember, he has not been on the potty in months even though he likes to watch us on occassion. To my knowledge he has never climbed up on the toilet himself though he climbs everywhere else.
I am undecided…

One thought on “The great poo poo mystery

  1. OMG!! I’m thinking Bren pooped somewhere and tried to dispose of it in the toilet only to be caught red handed..heehee. :-0

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