Labor Day weekend

Our dryer light bulb exploded.
A pipe under a bathroom sink burst at 3 in the morning. Water went down the hall, under the wall into the other bathroom, into closets and soaked the edges of our bedrrom carpet. The pipe still needs to be fixed and the house now stinks of musty water. I am grateful that it didn’t decide to burst when we were gone or even when Darrell was at work.
And our car- well, it is on its way to repair shop for it’s 7th time in just over a month’s time. Wonder what rental car we’ll get this time. Sigh.
And yet I can’t do much more than sigh and shake my head a bit when the news is full of devastating Hurricane Katrina stories. Deaths, parentless babies, toxic floods, not enough not soon enough. Crime, anger and hoplessness. And where is that polluted water going to go? Mississippi river? Gulf?
Why do people build cities below sea level anyway? Holding back vast quantities of water for long periods of time just doesn’t seem smart.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day weekend

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think the way they handled this crisis is horrible.
    -btw, seems as though you guys are having a stream of bad luck, hope good luck finds you soon. What is wrong with your car? Is it new? Lemon law comes to mind that is all. Best of luck. -April

  2. The new rental is a Ford Focus. Blegch!!!! It’s a tin can on wheels, but I did ask for the cheapest thing. Last time I got a free upgrade to a Dodge Dakota and only paid $21 a day for it, so I think that this is the inverse – crappy car for $26.99 a day. The universe has to be balanced after all! haha.

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