Winnie the Pooh Live

Paid too much to park.
Paid WAY too much for a spinning toy.
Paid FAR TOO MUCH for lousy seats.
Having Winnie the Pooh come to life? Tiggerifficly priceless.
Brendan was a crab-and-a-half as we waited in the halls for the theater to open. He cried all the way up the two or three sets of stairs. He fussed while we waited in our seats. He fussed when we moved to better seats, which we were told we could do after the show began (about 5 rows forward- much better!). But once the show started he was captivated. His mouth dropped open and it was suddenly worth all the effort and expense. And when he sang along all was perfect in our world.
Needless to say- he loved it. 😀