Prairie Land Pot Roast

I made this pot roast recipe last night for company. I was skeptical about it (who uses Catalina dressing for pot roast?!) but it was just different enough to try and my pot roasts have never been spectacular anyway. It got rave reviews all around!!! The only things I did differently was to substitute a can of beef broth for the water and I used the “Sweet Honey” version of Catalina dressing. I also tied the quartered onion (I only used 1) in cheesecloth so none of the pieces would end up on my onion-phobic husband’s plate. If you try it, I urge you to make the gravy too! Mmmmm! It was really quite good!!!

One thought on “Prairie Land Pot Roast

  1. Oh, yum! yum! yum! yum! I’m not much of a pot roast fan, but I’d eat this again right now at 2.5 am if it was in front of me! hehe. 🙂
    Oh, and tyvm for the O’quarantine! Crikey!

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