Brendan is opening up! We had a reasonably good session at the library story and craft time last Wednesday. Also, Dobie (PawPaw) came over yesterday and Brendan took to him immediately.
He is looking and acting more and more boyish. Last week he suddenly erupted into conversation. Not just a few words understood by both parties but back and forth meaningful exchange. WOW. It is exciting to see.
I got out some little cars and tracks last night. The little cars go around the tracks on their own. He has 3 vehicles and they are always crashing, bouncing off each other and occassionally even break free of the track for an across the carpet voyage. Very fun. Brendan would watch them and say “round & round, round & round!” 😀 He’d can also twirl his hands around each other and say the same thing. He is so cute! 😀
And the biggest evidence of the cogs in his brain at work…
At lunch yesterday, Brendan started reading off the letters on Darrell’s shirt- and getting most of them right!! 😀 I found it hilarious but appropriate when he called a couple by their sounds instead. Thank you, LeapFrog fridge letters, LeapFrog Letter Factory DVD, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Bathtub foam letters, and various computer games.