Home. Tired. Behind.

We are home. I have a lot to do right now but I just wanted to take a moment to say that we are back and to list a few cute things Brendan now says.
Bew-de-bo (Beautiful- everything is bew-de-bo these days. So cute.)
Bud-de-by (butterfly- as in bew-de-bo bud-de-by.)
flowders (flowers- as in bew-de-bo flowders. It’s so funny to see him squat down and sniff a flower and proudly proclaim, “It smells!” 😉 )
I don’t know if I previously mentioned that he says “Be care-po!” (careful) or that he is scared of this stuffed squirrell (“squirr”)at my in-laws house and “scared” morphed into “squ-ared”. Haha. He was perfectly able to tell us he was scared of the squirrell and the dark. He has grown so much.