TTC chatter

20 days til RE appt!!! Yippee!
Well, I had my gyn appt yesterday. The nurse did the preliminary screening questions, blood pressure, etc. and the first thing she asked was am I taking any contraception. I, of course, told her no and we were getting ready to ttc. I didn’t even want to hear the contraception lecture, lol.
So after I undressed, my OB comes flying in and says, “So! You’re going to try for a baby!” LOL Sheesh, news flies fast! You’d think they would all be tired of hearing that. Maybe business is slow. Haha.
So I got the yuckies done and went and had my blood taken to make sure my Metformin rx isn’t hurting my liver and to check my cholesterol stuff and get a fasting glucose check. No problem but MY GOD the vampire lady has such an issue with people who come in after noon and are fasting! I wanted to tell her “Lady! I didn’t wake up until 10:30!” When I did my 1 hour GD test when preggo I came in at 1:00 and got a real lecture! :rolleyes: I just couldn’t get it out that I had been awake a total of 3 hours. LMAO
Anyway, the rule in our house is that if you get blood drawn you get to pick a meal out. So I chose a place called Wild Noodles. It was cool. Everything from gourmet mac n cheese to italian pasta to chinese and mongolian stuff.
I really hope my “good” cholesterol levels have gone up. They were low last year and I really have improved my diet since. More whole grains, less sugar, better fats. I asked my OB for any other suggestions and she said exercise ( lol but we plan to start walking as soon as this flippin heat dies off) and omega 3 fatty acids. She gave me lots of free samples of 2 kinds of prenatal vitamins that contain omega 3s (particularly DHA) in them. Didn’t know there was such a combination!
Soooo… I am waiting on AF. If she is in a good mood she’ll arrive today or tomorrow (plz send her my way!). That means she’ll probably also visit Nov 6-7. I am guessing on Clomid that I’ll ovulate on day 18- that makes the IUI on about Nov 24-25. That’s cutting it reeaally close to Thanksgiving. 🙁 Consequently, that’s a due date of mid August. This timing will be even worse if IUI #1 doesn’t work… the next IUI would be December 24-27ish. 🙁 The gut-clencher is that if I don’t get pregnant by the end of December, my due date will fall in next year’s choice of insurance plans. And we’d feel the need to purchase the oober-goober plan again. Considering that I have a 10% chance of twins… I’d better stay on the “covers everything 100%” plan. But dang it’s eating up all our money!!!
So all that chatter means please wish for me a very short AF cycle this month and a RE visit that has me immediately chomping the Clomid soon after and that the IUI comes before Thanksgiving (that the RE will even let me try so close to holidays) and that the Clomid doesn’t make me quite as b*tchy as last time. Clomid + Thanksgiving with 2 extended families = Jen wanting to go hide in a cave. My husband already cringes every time he hears the C word. :/ And of course that we win once more with the very first IUI. And if you have any more fingers left to cross, think pink. 😉
That just seems like a lot to be wishing for.

3 thoughts on “TTC chatter

  1. I’m thinking pink for you. Blue isn’t all that bad either though… coming from a Mom of two blue babies. :o)

  2. I’ve been following your journal since well before Brenden came along. My husband has the same disorder that your DH has and we are trying our IUI around the same time as you in November. This would be our #1. I’ve tried two in the past and both have failed.
    It’s strange, but I have a feeling of peace that someone will be trying this feat at the same time as me, for the same reasons.
    God be with both of us in this time and I will be praying for you and your family.
    P.S. I could see the angst on my husband’s face when I mentioned I was going back on the “C-word” LOL. Here’s to a few more months of a wild ride!

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