Bloodwork results

Last year I had low good cholesterol and high triglycerides. I don’t know how to change the triglycerides (except exercise- and I know that hasn’t improved) but I did concentrate on eating healthier fats, more whole grains and less sugar.
This year my good cholesterol was normal. 😀 But my bad cholesterol was a bit too high 🙁 (113, cut-off is 100) How those two can happen simultaneously I haven’t a clue!
My triglycerides (cut-off is 150) went from 176 to 199!!! I am really shocked!
I also have an elevated white blood count of 14, cut-off is 11. Since I wasn’t sick, this indicates an infection of some sort. It was the nurse I talked to and the doctor won’t be back until Tuesday. I’ll learn more then. Sounds like she may send me off to see someone else, which is fine.
My glucose was fine 🙂
My liver is fine 🙂
My thyroid is fine 🙂
I did ask the nurse if she new of a rx for high triglycerides- and turns out she’s on one! But she looked it up and it isn’t advised during pregnancy.