Bren bits

Tidbits of Bren cuteness!
I was surfing the net while lounging on the couch the other night (via wireless mouse and projection tv on our wall) and there is a blog I read called “Manana Banana” with a giant banana as the logo. Bren saw that and yelled out “Ban-an-uh!” He leapt to his feet and ran to the life-sized banana on the wall and proceeded to lick it with great slurping noises. It was very cute! He must have a video of someone eating soup because he is fascinated by soup and loves making slurping noises. If you have soup, be prepared to share it! Even if it has veggies in it!
Since it is approaching Halloween, I have been working on some Halloweenish vocabulary with Bren. He know says “punkin” and bat. He also recognizes ghost and skeleton. 😀 We are going to a kiddie trick or treating activity at DH’s work tonight. Should be fun! Bren hasn’t seen his Thomas the Train costume yet. I know he’ll love it- I just hope he wears it! LOL.
Bren told me today “OK!… L M N O P!” I chuckled at that! He also colors pictures in his coloring book now! On his own! It’s about time!!!