Provera…as in Depo-Provera

Provera, the drug that the dr is going to prescribe me in a couple of days to bring on my period, is really birth control. Essentially, you take Provera for 10 days to control your level of hormones and then you stop it, causing your hormones to drop suddenly and bring on AF. Nifty, huh?
I don’t see why my RE wants me to take it though. Whether or not I ovulated (very doubtful- his words) my period would definitely make its appearance before a 10 day round of meds + several days for them to wear off. Why add 2 weeks to the waiting when I guess it’ll happen on its own in less than 7? Nope, I think I’ll let my cycle do its own thing. But I will go in for the progesterone test. Even if it’s just to get out of the house and get DH out of work free. Besides, in our house, getting stuck with a needle = getting to choose dinner out. 😉