Official welcome to ttcland

Today is cycle day #1!!! Here we go! I take my first Clomid pills on Monday after I fill the prescription!
I kinda “quizzed” Bren on his ABCs today. I sat down with him and wrote each letter on a sticky pad one at a time. I’d ask him what is was and he’d tell me. Then he’d sing the letter sound song, like this:
“The A says “ah”,
The A says “ah”,
Every letter makes a sound,
The A says “ah”!”
He loved it! He always ended the song with “What’s next?” 😀
Progress Report:
He didn’t recognize the follwing letters:
L (he called it M)
N (he called it M)
U (he called it “up”)
V (he called it B)
Z (he called it C)
He got the following sounds wrong:
G (he said “juh”)
R (he said R)
I am sooo impressed! Whatta boy! 😀 Gold star for a 2 1/2 year old!

2 thoughts on “Official welcome to ttcland

  1. I wrote back a few weeks ago to let you know that my hubby and I are doing a donor IUI the same month as you guys. Today is my cycle day 1 as well!!!
    Let’s hope this is a good luck sign that we’ll both be pregnant and can let our families know on Christmas morning!!

  2. Glad to hear you are almost preggo! I hope it happens quickly, like the first try. Then I have something to pump me up and look forward to. I’m so dreading TTC again! It always scares me to think about the “how longs” of it all. Sigh. Good Luck!!! Can’t wait to hear all the details. Yay!

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