Follie Report

That’s THREE eggs! Wahoo!
I don’t know how much that 3rd one will grow by the time I ovulate (which will probably occur tomorrow evening) but it is on the small side. It’s probably not big enough but I am not giving up on it, lol. But I do have 2 beautiful fat & juicy eggs! That’s enough to double the odds of conception AND give me a chance for twins!!
Had an Ovidrel trigger shot in the belly today. Wasn’t too bad, but yeesh- the belly?? And my insurance did cover all but $10 of it. Had sticker shock on the ultrasound cost though. $260 for 5 minutes!!! Insurance paid half there. Still… 😕 Hopefully, I won’t need any more of either.
IUI is tomorrow at 7:30 am. *YAWN* Not again! 😆 I did get out of the “make sure you ovulated” ultrasound the next day however since I am going out of town. Saved myself $130.
Tomorrow the 2ww begins! I am really excited!! Now I am going back to bed. Heh.

2 thoughts on “Follie Report

  1. GREAT, that’s wonderful news!!! I didn’t ovulate today like I was suppose to, so i’m not quite sure what’ll happen.
    Sending happy thoughts your way!! GOOD LUCK!!

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