Research indicates…

I did some research and found out that Ovidrel takes up to 48 hours to cause ovulation. IUIs are typically done between 36 and 40 hours after triggering. Also, follicles grow up to 2mm daily. Follicles that are 17mm are mature enough and ocassionally even a 15-16mm follicle will release an egg. So best case scenerio, my wee little eggie could reach up to 18.5 by the time of ovulation. I’d say that it is definitely a contender. 😀

4 thoughts on “Research indicates…

  1. RSS feeds rock! It’s great to be able to see at a glance if you have any new stuff up! *wink* Hopefully I’ll never miss another entry! -DH

  2. Hi Jen!
    I have been reading your blog for awhile, and read your iP stuff as well. I am sending you good thoughts and prayers your way!
    I think its wonderful you have such a great husband who is so supportive and lving.
    I am crossing my fingers for you guys!

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