IUI (aka Home Alone post)

OMG…OMG…OMG! That’s the phrase of the morning. This is why:

Yes, those are 5 eggs!!! I was suspicious when they didn’t find anthing on my hard to reach left ovary and I was correct- there were 2 bigguns more! OMG… 5! 5. 5!!!! One is definitely on the small side though and either shrinking or the measurements were off one of the days.
So the story goes…
We arrived at 7:30 this morning and waited to be seen until 8:45! Pre-Thanksgiving rush apparently! We went back and they immediately showed us the “sample.” Teensy amount of pink liquid in a vial with my name on it. The specs: 28+ million motile sperm. The doctor said they like to see at least 14 million motile so we had twice as much as needed. I also found out the original date of the sample- 8/29/1990!!! This is 15 year old sperm!!! I think it has pretty good specs even if this one is about 4 million lower than the sample 4 years ago.
So I got my bottom half undressed and wrapped myself in a sheet and laid down on the examining table. It was really cold in there so we were joking about that. The lady doctor was really nice and did a great job being gentle with the speculum. Then she cleaned off my cervix with a q-tip and inserted the IUI tube-syringe in and placed the sperm at the top of my uterus. A few scraping sensations were all I really felt. It was over in a minute or less! I made a few jokes like “So how many times HAVE I had a tube stuck in me anyway?” Everyone was laughing. We waited while I laid there 10 minutes more and then we went into the U/S room. I asked if the U/S was part of the IUI and she whispered “I won’t charge you.” 😀 Heh. My lucky day!
So I hopped up onto that table and we looked at the trail up my uterus which was the path of the IUI. That was cool. Then she measured the 3 eggs in my right ovary. The 2 largest on that side grew 1 to 1 1/2 mm each in the last 24 hours. She moved onto the left ovary and asked how many were there yesterday. The nurse and I both replied “none”. Then I went on to explain that I was baffled because I felt pain and pressure on that side too. She told me my ovary was pretty far down and she didn’t want to hurt me. I replied that she wasn’t hurting me and she could press harder. A blob flashed on the screen and she says, “Yep. There’s one here too! I must have missed it yesterday, I am sorry about that.” She called out the measurements- a nice fat, juicy one again, so the nurse could write it down too. My mind started reeling- FOUR EGGS?! OMG! FOUR EGGS! I was snapped back into reality when she called out ANOTHER measurement. I stated, quite incredulously, “there are TWO eggs on that side??!” She said, “Yup!” She saw in my face a mini-freakout and tried to calm me by saying that the rate of twins with Clomid is only around 8%. But I am pretty darn certain that is a general statistic for every Clomid user- not a women with 4 beautifully sized follicles who triggered with Ovidrel!!!
After I got dressed, we were handed our chart and told to call in 15 days or when I got my period. We were wished a happy Thanksgiving and sent over to go pay. DH snuck a quick xerox copy of our semen spec sheet and he jotted down the follicle sizes too. Then we paid- total cost (remember, free U/S) today was $303.
We went out and had a yummy celebratory breakfast with one of us saying “OMG!” or making the famous Home Alone OMG face every few minutes. I have bled a small amount since then- to be expected. I am sure the tube hit a few potholes on it’s journey to the top of my uterus! We made a quick stop at the library to pick up a few videos and a book on tape for the road tomorrow. On our way in, we saw a women with a toddler boy and a baby too. The baby was wearing a red and white sleeper so I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl. We took it as a good sign though. Last time, we saw a couple with their newborn baby as we were leaving our IUI appt and I took it as a good sign then too.
What am I feeling? Excited with my odds of conceiving. Apprehensive about my odds of conceiving more than twins. I will be so shocked if I do not get pregnant because everything, every step of the way, was perfect or better than perfect.
It’s going to be a long 14 days!
PS- Actual follicle specs (the numbers are averaged together):

4 thoughts on “IUI (aka Home Alone post)

  1. Oh my goodness, those follies sound great! I do not know much about that kind of stuff but I know the higher numbers mean a good thing as far as egg maturity goes. This is exciting and I got a feeling you will be seeing + in 2 weeks! :O)

  2. Congrats on the great report! You commented on my IVF blog a while back and said if we decided to do donor IUI instead, visit your site. Well, I’ve finally updated my blog and we had our first DIUI last Saturday (unmedicated)! We’ll be testing around Dec. 1st. Anyway, congrats again on the good report!!

  3. OMG!!!! OMG!!! Good for you!!!!
    That is just great, I can totally relate to your excitement!!! OMG!!!! Baby number 2 (and 3??)on the way!!!
    😀 Congrats on the nice egg making!!!
    I had my positive OPK today so guess who is going in bright and early on Thanksgiving morning??? I can’t believe that, what are the odds!?! They can’t see me in the clinic so I am having my IUI done in the maternity ward! That’s gotta be good luck!
    Keep us updated! I want to know how you are feeling! Have a very fun and very safe Thanksgiving!

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