Christmas supper

Time I started getting nauseous & puking last pregnancy- 7 weeks
If I am pg, how far along I’ll be at Christmas- 7 1/2 weeks
What my MIL just announced will be served for the Christmas meal- Chicken, sausage & shrimp gumbo
Egads, no wayyyyyyy!
6 dpIUI. In a few short hours I enter the final 1ww (1 week wait)! I am going slowly mad. Did I mention slow?? A dry nose (actually would be promising since it was a first sign with Bren if the weather wasn’t so dry that we are all chapped just about everywhere) and ovary twinges here and there. I was extremely tender in the ovary areas for 2 days post IUI. Still very positive and hopeful. First hpt will be Monday morning at 12 dpo.

4 thoughts on “Christmas supper

  1. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you let it slip at all to the in-laws what’s going on?
    It must have been so hard not saying anything when you were sore and all. I know I had mine on Thanksgiving morning and I was so sore by dinner time I was walking like I had just rode a horse for 8 hours!
    My pain lasted about as long as yours did, only two days. The only thing I have different this time then any of my other IUI’s is that I am SOOOOO TIRED. I seriously can’t stay awake. Otherwise, ovary twinges, dry nose, sore bb’s, and my cervix is kinda in a weird spot. It seems higher than it was with my + OPK. If you don’t mind me asking, where is yours right now?
    Keep us updated with any other symptoms! I’m rooting for you!!

  2. My Thanksgiving was really nice. Great food, got to go shopping with my MIL, played some trivial pursuit and a card game called 99. Relaxed a bit. And I didn’t let our potential secret out! Yay me!
    Along with the dry nose and ovaries that sometimes ache, I am now constipated- which I think was the 2nd symptom I had with Bren. When I first started learning about cervix position, I could never find it. In retrospect, it was probably because I wasn’t ovulating and it really was too high. I really haven’t tried since then so I don’t know. I do remember that my BBs did not get tender til around 14 dpo, I did not get my typical “AF is coming acne” and that I had to pee a lot in the morning hours. The dried nose and contipation started later than I am right now though.
    Best of luck Erin! Are you going to test along with me Monday morning? 😉

  3. I hope this is it, it sounds VERY HOPEFUL and Promising! So excited for you and Darrel! 🙂

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