Bren talk

Bren has leveled up to 5 word sentences now. On the day we came home from our Thanksgiving holidays, I heard him say these 3 five word statements:
“Let’s go get the cat.”
“I’ve got a big water.”
“Oh wow- look at that!”
My ovary twinges have turned into ovary aches. I am once again tender there. I am also sensitive to what I eat- some things just do not taste good. Only 5 days until I take my first pregnancy test. I am nervous and excited and hopeful. Trying not to obsess over it but it’s not working. Implant little embies!!!

One thought on “Bren talk

  1. I am just catching up from being out of town. I couldn’t get on your diary yesterday. I am glad to read all the great news over here. Only one more week and you will know something. I’m like you… I will be shocked if you are not pregnant with all those eggs and sperm. You HAVE to be pg. That sample was from 1990? That dude has some awesome swimmers!

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