I swear I am going nutso. I need to step away from the computer but I just can’t. All of a sudden today my ovaries ache again and my boobs are swollen and tender. I was trying to ignore it… until I read this (an excerpt from this blog that I read). In today’s entry, Jen thinks she is hyperstimulating after IVF- she explains it this way:

“Now, usually, when a normal woman gets pregnant the HCG in her system causes that one, now empty follie, to fill back up with fluid. Kind of like refilling a deflated balloon. Newly pg women refer to it as the pregnancy bloat. It usually goes away in a few weeks.
Here’s the catch.
With IVFers – there are dozens of empty follies that can all fill up again. So basically it’s pregnancy bloat times, oh, a million… All of this is actually GOOD – it means the HCG (pg hormone) is in there.”

When I read that I got the shivers. Is this the reason my ovaries ache again? Because I have 5 follicles filling up with fluid?? Because I’m pregnant??????
Like I said, I need to step away from the computer. And to quit thinking about it all! I still have 5 days til my early hpt!

One thought on “Obsessing

  1. How weird!! The same thing has been happening to me for the past two days. All day it’s just ached like crazy, it’s more on the right side than the left, but hurts on both sides. I was seriously afraid that I had cysts from the Clomid until I read your post. I can’t sleep on my stomach because it just hurts too much, plus if I try to sleep on my back everything starts tingling. I don’t know what that’s all about!
    *Sigh* I totally hear you about obsessing, I have to force myself to go do something otherwise i’m reading everything I can find on the internet about early symptoms. I keep trying to tell myself that i’m going to wait to test until after my period is due….yeah right. I’ll probably test on Tuesday.
    I’m glad I have someone to obsess with! LOL 😉 Good luck!

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