We spent all weekend praparing and putting up our Christmas lights and decorations. It was exhausting but fun! While they are actually nicely spread out, we crammed the Pooh characters together to fit them in this photo-

Not 2 hours after the characters were lit up, we had a car stop and want to buy them from us! LOL. Cars honk as they go by and people shout things like “TERRIFIC” or “AMAZING!!” Heh. Makes me happy.
There is one neighborhood here in San Antonio called Windcrest that is rather ritzy and they go all out with the decorations and lights every year. It’s a big contest. My Dad would take us every year to see the lights at Windcrest when I was a kid. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. In this neighborhood, it is common to see cutouts of cartoon characters and other holiday items. Last year, an entire street with the Coca-Cola Christmas bear theme- including giant bears made of glittery, sculpted styrofoam!!! They were positioned in every yard doing every possible Christmas thing imaginable- sledding, opening presents, chugging coke bottles… the works. And every house had matching lights, every mailbox matching bows. You get the idea.
I live in a different part of San Antonio now- much further from Windcrest. We still go every year but it dawned on me last night that I bet my fellow neighbors never have. They have probably never heard of Windcrest. It makes me happy to see people drive by and suddenly slow way down and stare at my lawn. I like making people happy. 😀

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