HPT today- BFN

But wait!
Do any of you recall my hpt story from conceiving Brendan? How I got a BFN at 10 dpIUI, 12 dpIUI and then went to my in-laws’ for several days. I only had 1 more HPT so I waited til the very last morning we were there to take it- I was 17 dpo. It was negative. I was so frustrated that I plunked it back into the pee cup for a second go and got a super faint line. The next day I got a real, but very faint, positive. That same day my blood test was close to 300 mIUs! I only use tests with a sensitivity of 20 or 25 mIUs.
Well… of course I made this morning’s test go through a second round and gave it four more drops (this test uses a dropper). Anyone would call me nuts but if the light and angle of the test is just right, I see a merest hint of a shadow of a pink line right where it is supposed to be.
I am 12 dpIUI and as long as AF stays away I am definitely in the game still.