Bren bits

Bren is almost 2 3/4! He loves to help me do things like pour the different soaps into the washing machine and water the plants. He is very into coloring (finally!) and painting. He loves to pretend. He’s often a puppy but today he was a butterfly with flapping wings. 😀 He now knows what a dinosaur is too. His favorite cartoons are Dora the Explorer/ Go Diego Go! and Pooh.
He surprised me the other day by coming into the room draped in gold garland and singing “Jingle Bells.” It was such a cute moment! Christmas is going to be a blast! His Uncle Tony one-upped us and already bought him the V-smile so we bought him the 2 games that were reviewed as the easiest- Elmo & Pooh. We also got him some extra tracks for his Geotrax set- elevated tracks- and 2 new vehicles for it. Oh, and a Crayola marker set where you draw on black papers and swirly neon colors appear.
DH put up an animated video of us putting up the Christmas decorations. It’s pretty neat.
I was initially quite upset at my low HCG levels but I am hoping they’ll rise quickly and redeem themselves on Friday. My ovaries hurt quite often. I think I must have huge follicle cysts in ’em. Ugh. The only thing that relieves the pressure is laying down and taking a nap. I’ve done just that all week. I’ve been extra tired so it wasn’t a problem. The only problem is being tired makes me rather unproductive and I have lots to do before Christmas can happen. I’ll take my last hpt tomorrow morning. I sure hope for my sanity’s sake that the line comes out darker.
Erin? Any news?? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bren bits

  1. Pretty much the same as yours. My doctor said that the test wasn’t positive, but it wasn’t negative either. She said it was “equivocal”. Whatever that means! I asked her what the she thinks it means and she said that she is pretty sure it’s positive, it just may be too early for it to show it completely. So…I’m going in first thing Friday morning as well to get another done. That’s cool that they gave you actual numbers, they didn’t give me any.
    So far my symptoms have been sore tummy, EXTREMELY sore bb’s, and burping up a storm. I don’t know how i’m going to last two more days until I know for sure, I am going out of my mind!
    Well, my period is due tomorrow and if the day comes and goes without it showing up, i’m sure i’ll feel a lot better.
    Well, God be with us both and at least we have each other to drive crazy instead of our poor DH’s. 😉
    Keep me posted!

  2. So??? This morning’s test?? I’m dying to know! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for both of us!
    My second line was ever so slightly darker this morning. LOL. At least it showed up right away instead of five minutes later. But it is still torturously light. I’ve read online on several boards where many women have had the same thing happen and they’ve had healthy babies. I mean really, what are the odds that it happens to both of us and we live across the country from each other (North Dakota)!
    Well, have a great day and don’t drive yourself too crazy!

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