Post beta hpt

Is it darker? I guess so. It ain’t anything dramatic though. Still a very faint positive. I really, really wanted a bright pink line to shout “your HCG is going up, girl!” at me. This is more like a “well, it could be a tad darker or it may just be from a different batch of tests…” UGH! I hate TTC!!!


If I were superstitious more than I am I would have given up last night. My “hope” good luck charm cord came undone and as I was walking though the living room last night I hear this THUNK. The charm was on the ground. How’s that for foreshadowing?
So what could I possibly do to whittle down the time today?? Maybe I’ll force some Christmas spirit into myself and finish some of my presents. Then again, maybe Bren and I will just watch “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” three times. Like we did yesterday. Yes, that’s the movie length one.

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