1st OB appt is scheduled

The scheduling lady first asked when my LMP was. I told her Nov 5th. Then I told her I know I conceived on the 23rd because I had an IUI- so she could estimate my due date better. So she realized that I was seeing an RE, therefore didn’t need an ultrasound OR a 2 block appointment. Just told me to bring along my ultrasound from this doctor. 🙁 Oh well, it is only 12 days after this upcoming ultrasound. I am sure I’ll get another some day. LOL.
Appt is set for Wed. Jan 4th @ 2 pm. I’ll be 8 weeks exactly. This is a real shocker because I didn’t get in to see her until I was 11 weeks last time! No, heartbeat check (too early)… no ultrasound… I might as well just call it a bloodwork visit because that is all that’s going to happen! I just had my annual exam in October. The part I hate the most is that it’ll now be rushed. I’m looking forward to it though!
Brendan told me the other morning- “That’s so sweet!” LOL. And today he told me, “Merry Christmas- Ho Ho Ho- Merry Christmas, Mama!” I busted a gut at his Ho Ho Ho because he said it in this perfect deep voice.
Also, b*tch = BRIDGE. 😉 That one really catches me off guard. Haha.
Starting to have greener mornings already. Still have to nap every afternoon. Brendan’s nap schedule has never been so consistant! LOL. It is much harder to figure out things to eat that sound appealing. I’ve been buying family sized containers of mashed potatoes and white gravy. Mmmmm, so healthy! **Rolls eyes**

One thought on “1st OB appt is scheduled

  1. CONGRATS girl!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so thrilled/excited for you! Sorry I haven’t been around to share in your joyous news, but I’ve been up to my eyes in my own teeny booties and diapers – doing well, but still trying to figure out how to juggle 3 now. Plus we’re moving everything over to Adam’s new laptop, so internet stuff is kinda stuck until we get the wireless/dsl all figured out. HAPPY day for you!!! Bren is getting so big too! Merry Christmas from us 5!

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