Paying my respects

6w1d. I spent some time paying my respects to the porcelain god this morning. Four things come to mind.
1. I had totally forgotten how many muscles it takes and how sore you are afterwards.
2. It amazes me how much better I felt after it was said and done.
3. You CAN puke and your toddler in the next room can be oblivious to any such adventure.
4. It’s time to scrub my toilet.
I am apparently NOT going to get the easy route this pregnancy. Last time I had nauseous moments in weeks 6 & 7 and spent a lot of time nauseous in week 8 but didn’t actually heave until 8w6d. And don’t you dare think I asked for it. I never asked to be sick.
Less than 24 hours til the momentous heartbeat ultrasound. Slightly less anxious now due to the above paragraphs. I’ll post a blurb about it as soon as I can sneak onto my MIL’s computer.
Bren told us “vamanos!” last night. He was also chattering about a princess this morning. 🙂