Appts update

I just rescheduled my OB appt for Thursday the 19th @ 2:10. Ultrasound with RE is still this Friday morning. Wouldn’t do me much good to see my OB 2 days before my next ultrasound, would it? LOL.
Tired. Very tired. Need more sleep. Brendan is still sick. Thank goodness m/s has been tolerable. No puking in like 4 days! I am a Zombie though.
Funny story. After such a long time away with Bren sleeping with us, we do a day or two of transitioning back by allowing him to sleep on the floor beside our bed. Last night, we said all our good nights and all laid down in our assigned spots. Next thing I know, DH jerks in my direction and yells out in fright. Turns out Bren was not sleepy and had played for an hour and 15 minutes before getting bored and wanting attention.
When DH jerked my way, I gave a jerk myself and lined up along the side of the bed beside me were all our beach shoes. I keep those stored in plastic grocery sacks under the bed. How he got those out without either of us hearing anything is testimony to how tired we were.
He spent the rest of the night in his own bed. Well, til he woke up 2 hours early anyway.