Home again, home again jiggity jig

Made it home last night at 1:30 am. Ugh! The grandparents were sick so of course I got it, but not too badly, and Bren got it but worse. He was coughing and choking and sneezing and just miserable til 4 in the morning. Even with sleeping til noon, we are tired.
Everything going well with this pregnancy as far as I know. I had a cramping scare but it turned out to be constipation. I have had a bunch of pukey days where I swear I am dying (the worst so far- breakfast sausage- yuck!!) and then I get days were I feel mostly fine and start to wonder what’s up. I think extra sleep is the key- if I sleep 11 hours at night plus one or two naps I feel much better. That’s a lot of sleeping!! I have also been very weak and a bit dizzy. Good thing I am not a pro athlete or anything, lol. And my nose has got to go. I swear I just *cannot* handle cooking smells. I just can’t. We are going to be eating out a lot- I guess I’ll have to be extra nutritious with my snacking. I would have swore that I lost weight while gone but my scale says I’ve gained a pound. Next ultrasound is Friday. I really need to be reassured again. That “2 days small” thing is eating on me. 🙁
Christmas was good! Brendan got both the V-smile game system (doesn’t understand it much yet though) and a personal DVD player that is wonderful for long car trips. Gotta love grandparents even if they do overload him with junk food.
They are both really excited with this new baby! My MIL was really shocked when she opened her bootie star box. She was so surprised that I was able to keep everything a total secret. *Pat myself on the back* 🙂 She just laughed and laughed. If she had been feeling better I know she would have screamed and danced a jig but she was really sick at that point. And every relative that came over after that got to see what SHE got for Christmas, lol. Just about everyone knows now- and that makes me a tad nervous. Thinking positive thoughts til Friday!
Anyone know where I can buy a cheap gas mask- help me, but my guys are eating corn chips and they stink!!!
Here’s the ultrasound at 6w1d. See the size? So tiny!

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  1. Hello. I have been reading up on your preconception and pregnancy diary. What an amazing time you have had. I am so happy you got your bfp this time and all is well with baby. I am also expecting but in early april. Don’t worry about the good days, i have had good and bad that alternated early on. Congrats again!

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