8w1d ultrasound

Heartbeat was 162 and the baby measured 16.2 mm!! Doctor proclaimed everything perfect. Baby measured only 1 day small this time and that could easily be machine error. He said 20% of patients have 1st trimester bleeding and, unfortunately, it tends to not stop right away. There was no evidence of a subchorionic hematoma or anything wrong with the cervix. He thinks it’s just the endometrium shedding a bit. He went ahead and had me give blood for another progesterone check just to be sure it isn’t that. He said no sex but bed rest won’t help in this case. He asked when I had my first OB appt and then said if I had more bleeding before then to come in and he’d do another scan. He was really nice. I guess when your patient starts sobbing the moment she sees you… well… what can I say- It was the moment of truth. Had a nice Cracker Barrell breakfast and plan on a lazy day.
Bren was cute- he took the 2 ultrasound pics from me in the office and loudly proclaimed, “babies!” Everyone laughed. 😀 I also found out my RE oversaw my OB’s residency. Cool. 🙂

One thought on “8w1d ultrasound

  1. I’m so glad to see that little “sprite” in place and healthy. Huge sigh of relief for you, I’m sure. We had bleeding too and I freaked. Next time, if it occurs again I won’t freak as much.
    Congrats again! I’m so excited for you.
    P.s. I’m jealous of your breakfast. Cracker Barrell is one of my faves. Yum!

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