OMG! I’ve been tagged for the first time ever!
Five weird things about me…
1. I cry at Disney movies- consistently. I cry a lot more than most women- and once I start I have a hard time stopping. If someone says something nice to me I start all over again. I hate this about myself.
2. I don’t wear any makeup at all. I find it a waste of time and don’t really think it enhances a person’s attractiveness.
3. When my house is a little cluttered, I clean it without problem but when it gets really messy, I get overwhelmed and don’t accomplish anything. But I hate to impose on my DH so it remains a mess until I go absolutely bonkers and make him help me. We end up cleaning an entire day or weekend every month or two.
4. I often eat non-breakfast foods for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Pancakes just taste better for dinner!
5. I go to bed really late and get up really late- I’ve done it since high school. If it wasn’t for Brendan, I’d most probably sleep while DH is at work. And I require 10 hours a night!

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