Bren talk

I finally found the envelope where I scribbled this sentence Bren said on Christmas day. He was playing with a box of packing peanuts and having a ball.
“Come on Anthony, let’s play in the snow!”
That’s 8 words!! 🙂
9w3d. I’ve felt much better these past 3 days than I ever thought I would. So we cleaned house today. And I killed my back by mopping. UGH!!
The baby is the size of an olive- about 2.5 cm. My uterus is the size of a grapefruit.
4 days til first OB appt. Even though the lady who scheduled my appt said I wouldn’t get an ultrasound, I wonder if the Dr. will give me one anyway if she can’t find the heartbeat? I really want to hear or see it!!
On one of my Due in August boards, we decided to name our group the “August Sunflowers”. I made a little nonblinking blinkie for it.