On the eve of the OB visit

9w6d. Tomorrow is my first OB appt. It’ll be a happy occassion no doubt- I’ll get a lot of congratulations. I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t look forward to telling her about the bleeding or the fact that I took a hard fall yesterday. Might get me another ultrasound though. It feels like ages since I last got to see my baby and it has only been 2 weeks!
But the thing I am least looking forward to is trying to convince her that I want to remain on the Metformin medication throughout pregnancy and nursing. I see 2 possible positive outcomes for this:
1. As a blood sugar regulator, Metformin might help me to grow a somewhat smaller baby. Brendan was 8 lbs 6 oz at birth and some time between my 39th and 40th week, he disengaged himself from my pelvis and free floated again. This fact had a lot to do with me having a c-section. The other half was that he was wrongly estimated to be 10 1/2 lbs.
2. I’ve been researching low milk supply issues and it turns out that 1/3 of those with PCOS have problems of this nature. Women with PCOS produce too many male hormones which interferes with prolactin (the milk making hormone) receptors. Metformin reduces the amount of males hormones (which is why is helps me with my monthly cycle and ovulating).
Wish me luck- I absolutely abhor confrontations. She was pretty adamant that I stop the Metformin after 14 weeks last pregnancy. My hope is to just hand her the folder with my research and ask her to read it in her free time and discuss it next month. I am sure she has much better access to appropriate research anyway.
Bren says and does some of the cutest things! He loves to rub my cheek softly when we are laying down for a nap. He tells me both “You’re so beautiful!” and “You’re so smart!” 😉
This morning when he woke up, he grabbed his ears, let out a laugh and stated, “I love my ears!” LOL.
Also, if you ask him if he wants something to eat he’ll 90% of the time say he wants “a sandwich with cheese and pickles”. Occassionally he wants a taco, burger or cookie though. I have him convinced that Cocoa Puffs cereal bars are cookies, haha.

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  1. Hey! I’m a Metformin user too. I take it for insulin resistence though, not PCOS. I do want to say that my RE let me take it throughout my pregnancy with both the boys. However, I had to stop taking it the day after I had them because I was nursing. I didn’t really research it any after I had them. My RE was pretty adament that I stop taking it because I was nursing. I will start taking it again when I wean Josh because we’ll TTC #3 in the summer. I swear that drug is magic. I love it.

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