OB appt

10w0d. The first half went great! Even though the nurse had me undress completely and the doctor never touched me… [rolls eyes]. I think me being unnecessarily unclothed got me an ultrasound, lol.
Baby was wiggling and moving and waving its hand and hitting itself on the forehead and everything! 😀 It was so cool to see- far better than any early u/s with Bren! Baby measured spot on 10 weeks and is 3.1 cm.

The second half of the appointment was difficult. She wants me to have a repeat c-section and I DO NOT! She’s willing to let me try a VBAC as long as signs are favorable and I go into labor on my own. And after I sign a bazillion waivers. UGH.
And even though she agreed to discuss it with a peri, she does not want me to continue the Metformin past 14 weeks. UGH!
Gave 4 vials of blood and a pee cup. Next appointment is February 16th at 2:20 pm. The appointment after that (18 weeks) is the big ultrasound! Wahoo!

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