Random notes

I realized yesterday that this pregnancy is 25% done! ACK! Not too far off from the 200 day milestone!
This baby length and weight chart has been exactly right. Some of my books are saying the baby is the size of a plum already- I just don’t think many plums are 3.1 cm. It’s fun to see how much the baby is going to grow in the next week.
I have officially lost 1.5 pounds to date. That’s excellent for me. Last pregnancy it was -7 pounds at 11 weeks.
I had to decline a genetic test for Cystic Fibrosis. The reason is they have to take blood from both genetic parents. Ummm… totally not possible. LOL.
I am totally flipping out that the gender ultrasound is in just 2 appts! 8 weeks! I will probably have the tech write the gender on a piece of paper and stick it in an envelope for us. If it is a boy I want to deal with it privately (please don’t criticize me on this- we probably won’t be able to afford any more children and I can’t see myself being a mother to only boys) and if it is a girl I don’t want to make the poor tech deaf. I’m sure Bren’s vote would be for a brother though!
It was very reassuring to see such a small baby moving around and being so active. Every mother wonders if their baby is healthy and whole and this image did a lot to reassure me. And it was absolutely hilarious to see it bopping itself on the head!!!
I am *much improved* in the morning sickness department. Today and yesterday have been great- almost normal. The few days prior to that I had some nausea but it seems to let up by dinnertime. I am still a bit tired- but improved- and I get dizzy when I stand up from either lying down or bending over. Oh, I get headaches often too. I physically feel pregnant already. I know I am bigger but with me being overweight it’ll be awhile (a long while) before the general public notices. I need to get some obviously maternity clothes- you know, like the shirts with the ties at the waist. LOL. Favorite current maternity outfit- my JCPenney’s “snap to fit” pants. These don’t look maternity at all with a shirt hanging over the waist band. It rides too high in front still and fits me slightly too big still on the tightest snaps but very comfy. It’s the only maternity clothes I have worn so far. I still fit in my elastic waist pants but jeans have been out the door since Christmas. I think I’ll break out my low rise maternity shorts today though. It’s mid-January and 78 outside!!!
I can’t stand to drink cola type drinks so my diet cokes have been gone from my diet for several weeks. I guess that means I am totally caffeine free since I don’t crave chocolate either. I’d drink those bottles of Starbucks Frappacinos if they weren’t so darn expensive. Suppose that’s a good thing. It’s hard to be tired though.
Brendan is going through a “nope” stage. The answer to every yes/no question is nope. Sigh. And he is back to being rebellious. Does NOT want to get his diaper changed. Does NOT want to get his teeth brushed.
OMG! He just now pulled on his first item of clothing! He came over and asked me to take his shirt off- so I did. The he took his diaper off- he does that if I don’t notice he has wet it right away. But he just put it back on! LOL. Now to get him to put on a new one…
My hubby is coming home early just for fun! Brightens my whole day when he does something unexpected like that! 😀 We have a new frozen custard/burger place called Culver’s and we are going to go check it out. Mmmm.

3 thoughts on “Random notes

  1. I am glad everything is going well!!
    Don’t worry I don’t blame you about the whole gender thing. I have THREE boys and I swore my 2 year old was my girl because I had morning sickness and I never had it before. And when I told the tech that I knew it was a girl and she said ‘ Nope its a BOY. I cried, silently of course. I needed to do that to get over the fact that I would not ever have a girl, and once I cried for a few minutes, and got over it and started and was actually THRILLED for another boy.
    Boy or girl. you will be blessed and happy also 🙂

  2. I hear you on the gender. We can’t afford more than three kids and if the next one is a boy I will be pretty devastated. I’ll get over it and ultimately know that a healthy baby is most important, but I’ll be a tad bit sad too. I think we’re going to NOT find out next time until the birth. That way it will be a surprise till the end. I can dream girl thoughts the whole way through. Atleast that is my sorry dream… ha ha!

  3. I would like to wait but I’ve decided to go ahead and find out because I don’t want to feel any disappointment at the birth. This way if it is a boy, I’ll have time to get over it and start anticipating another son.

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