Brendan came up to us last night and had his hands folded like he was in prayer. He had us put our hands the same way and then he proceeded to tell us how we could open then up side by side and make a butterfly! His directions were really pretty clear- I sure wish I could remember exactly what he said. And know where on earth he learned this. Could he have possibly made it up?

One thought on ““Bud-de-bies”

  1. I know! I know! The other night he and I were trying to do net video conferencing with my mom on MSN messenger. When we would try to connect, the window where her video was going to be would grow and while waiting for the video to load, we would see a flapping butterfly. I am surprised that he took that and 1) remembered it and 2) mimic-ed it. I wish I could find an animated GIF of it to put here…

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