Why I want a VBAC

I was asked why I want a VBAC so I think I’ll copy that answer here as well.
1. It is something I really want to experience. I know it isn’t for everyone but it would be a challenge and very rewarding to me to be able to give birth naturally. This isn’t a passing fancy- deep down I really want it. It’s a dream for me.
2. Even though my c-section and recovery were a piece of cake- the epidural made me itch all over my body horribly for the next day and a half. I had to have shots of Nubain every 6 hours or so to control it. Those shots made both me and Brendan very dopey. A day that should be a great memory is a blur to me. Both of us slept constantly (or I was awake but not all there) and Brendan wouldn’t wake up to feed properly. By the time he woke up on day 3, we had serious breastfeeding issues and he was peeing red blood crystals instead of urine. I wish to avoid the whole mess.