Watching Mia

Who would’ve known I’d be watching Mia this afternoon?! Apparently she is going to have a new cousin any minute now and her daddy really wanted to be there. We had plans to meet at Chuck E. Cheese’s tonight anyway so the kiddos could get together. It has been several months since their first post living together meeting at McDonalds.
So far so good. Bren doesn’t quite know what to do with her. They converse pretty well and that is very cool to see. I can totally understand why toddlers with siblings learn to talk faster. They talk to each other CONSTANTLY. Their vocabulary seems similar (she didn’t know what a dinosaur is but Brendan wouldn’t know what a doll is) but her completeness and sentence structure is better. Anyway, Mia will get out a toy and and soon as she stops playing with it for the tiniest microsecond, Bren will take it and put it away. Haha. He has no idea how to share.
Now they are chasing each other around the living room. Each has a sippy cup. Bren keeps saying “cheers!” but Mia has no clue what he wants. Heh.
Brendan wants to watch Diego on tv and Mia wants to play with the dozens of new toys she sees. But Mia wants Bren to play with her. I am trying not to interfere much with their interactions. It is hard to do. Both want what they want only.

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