Positive words

Bren says many positive words now including:
all right
uh huh
heard once: yeah
heard once: of course
and his latest fave- great
10w6d. Still having on and off again days. Today seems pretty good so far. Home scale says I lost 1/2 a pound this week. Don’t worry, the Ben & Jerry’s (absolutely divine) Caramel Sutra ice cream will nip that in the bud. Down 2 for the pregnancy.
I am trying to add more whole grains, protein, calcium & vegetables to my diet while getting ready to lower my sugar intake as well as soon as my m/s disappears. Hard to do when I can’t stand to look at poultry, nuts, sausage or beans. Vegetables have no appeal either. I am going to have to find a whole grain bread I like. I love Jason’s Deli’s Branola bread so I know there has to be another out there. Eggs have started to appeal to me again so I bought some of the Omega 3 eggs. Going to have poached eggs on toast for lunch. I also bought Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal on the advice of one of my August boards. Healthy and is supposed to taste good as well. One definite winner meal this week was spaghetti. I used whole grain angel hair pasta and a can of Hunt’s traditional sauce. It was divine! I slurped it up and claimed the leftovers. Oddly enough- it had to be plain. No meat, no cheese, no diced tomato or peppers.
In the next couple of weeks I am going to try and give up my juice and dessert consumption. I need to keep this baby in the 7 pound range. I really believe Bren disengaged himself from my pelvis as he hit the 8 pound mark. If I can keep this one slightly smaller, just maybe I can have that natural birth.
Also on the agenda- walking. I have to exercise!